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  • Version: 2.2.13

Free and open-source CMS

CMS Made Simple, or simply CMSMS is an open-source content management system you can use for free. This web building application is built using PHP and Smarty engine, which keeps content, functionality, and templates separated. The productivity app's features make it easy for both developers and ordinary users. More, it offers a way to create, maintain, and update any website. It comes with a web-based admin section, where developers or system managers can customize the themes and templates, and even install and update add-on modules. At its core, CMSMS is a system that can help keep a website updated through a comprehensive content manager.

Simple, but not for novices

Before going through the installation process, users must note that CMS Made Simple is not an entry-level content management software. You will need a working knowledge of internet hosting, web servers, web content, databases, and remote administration for you to easily work around the app. While there is support for installation and subsequent application of a pre-designed theme, the system needs direct coding of page templates in HTML/CSS with Smarty tags. 

But, once you get past the hurdles of building a website, doing day-to-day content management tasks will be easier. Tasks such as maintenance of gallery, news, and blogs, as well as page editing, will be straightforward and manageable, even by non-technical individuals. Users can reorder their pages via drag and drop, and edit the contents with a click. The app has text editing tools similar to word processors, so editing the content wouldn't be too hard. 

However, although there are themes available, CMSMS does not come with pre-made or purchased templates. But, with HTML and CSS knowledge, you can put together a completely custom design in short order. Do not worry, CMSMS allows you to add your existing code to create your template. Additionally, creating your template from the ground up means users will have full control over layouts.


  • Comprehensive content manager
  • Wide range of core and third-party modules
  • Text editor is similar to word processors
  • Clean layout


  • Requires a working knowledge of HTML and CSSS
  • No pre-made templates

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CMS Made Simple


CMS Made Simple 2.2.13 for PC

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